The department is committed to maintain an active, congenial atmosphere for teaching and learning in which faculty members set a high priority in teaching and subscribe to building a caring learning environment for students and to conduct research of applied nature both for advancement of knowledge as well as for underpinning teaching, with due emphasis given to support the industrial and economic development of the community and to eventually become an internationally competitive department for research in the science and technology of Applied optics/photonics devices, nuclear and particle physics and condensed mater physics. The department has highly active and vibrant faculty members committed to impart high quality research standards in pure and applied areas of physics and also trains students, so that they become competent and motivated physicists.

In addition to scientific advancement, the ultimate objective is the preparation of future scientists with knowledge of historical perspectives of current physical principles, and their applications at the forefront of science and technology. The research interests of the faculty members cover broad range of physics: Applied optics and Photonics, Nuclear and particle physics and Condensed Matter Physics. The department is willing to establish the state-of-the-art research laboratories and computational facilities.

Vision/ Mission of the Department
The Department of Physics is committed to excellence in the education of its undergraduate and graduate students in core and applied physics as well as related areas that encompass understanding of physical concepts, the generation and dissemination of new scientific knowledge involving physical principles and their applications to related interdisciplinary fields. Its objective is to have a beneficial impact on the community and nation at large, while enhancing the quality of teaching and research at Central University of Jharkhand leading to global recognition of the Department of Physics and the Central University of Jharkhand. The department aims to serve the society through the provision of high value-added education, fundamental and applied research in which fundamental physical principles are used to address research issues of technological importance at the frontiers of engineering and science and consultancy program in applied physics emphasizing academic excellence in teaching, research and in professional context.