Rapid population growth, urbanization, industrialization and several related factors are influencing and degrading the environment and the earth’s natural resources. The delayed in remedial action will incur considerably cost with irreversible destruction of the environment. The need of the hour is to plan a balanced system giving due importance to socio-economic, technological and ecological factors for the proper allocation of resources in order to fulfill the needs of present and future generations without degrading the environment. Therefore, an International Conference on Environmental Challenges and Sustainability (ICECS) 2018 is planned to provide a unique opportunity to exchange and discuss current environmental challenges, technological innovations, promote greater collaboration and strengthen the connection among scientists, policymakers and activists. The conference will further help in developing a strong network among scientists, academicians, voluntary organizations, youths including research scholars and students along with community people to exchange and share their expertise in order to find integrated and sustainable solutions for different environmental issues affecting the mother earth including utilization of natural resources in sustainable manner, maximizing the use of bio products in agriculture, remedies of different pollution aspects considering the challenges.


Objectives/ Goals

International Conference on Enviromental Challenges and Sustainability during 31st October to 2nd Nov., 2018