R & D Cell

Dean R & D Cell

Dr. Arun K. Padhy

About R& D Cell
The Central university of Jharkhand (CUJ), Ranchi, has established the Research and Development Cell in September 2021 in conformity with the intents of National Education Policy 2020 (NEP), that considers outstanding research as the co-requisite for outstanding education and development. As NEP 2020 envisages the development of active research communities across disciplines to transform the teaching intensive universities in to Research intensive universities through systemic and structural changes, this the prerequisite of the university. The CUJ is in a evolving stage and striving to establish its credibility through delivering and complying to the national need. An Institutional Development Plan has been drafted that lays down a blueprint for the transformation of this university to a Multi-disciplinary Research-Intensive University.
To create a research ecosystem in the university a variety of initiatives and measures have been undertaken that include establishment of the R&D Cell, formulating research policy to provide an enabling environment, building capacity of researchers, creating research infrastructure, provision of seed funding to young researchers etc. The University is giving incentives for publishing high quality and globally cited research papers may be through partnership with other institutes.
R & D Members
Name Designation Contact No E-mail
PROF. MANOJ KUMAR ASSOCIATE DEAN 8585916308 manoj@cuj.ac.in
DR. SACHIN KUMAR MEMBER, R&D CELL 7004788789 sachin.kumar.01@cuj.ac.in
DR. NIRMALI BORDOLOI MEMBER, R&D CELL 9401739018 nirmali.bordoloi@cuj.ac.in
DR. SEEMA MAMTA MINZ MEMBER, R&D CELL 8520182123 seema.minz @cuj.ac.in
Office Employee
Name of Employee Designation Contact no/email
Shri Nitin Kumar LDC nitin.kumar@cuj.ac.in


To create an enabling environment through a structured way, establishing linkages and collaborations with academic institutions of repute and industries

To set the target for research output and outcome that will lead to owning Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and to undertake cutting edge research to help in resolving societal challenges & comply to the national need

To take initiatives for improving the research infrastructure both physical and digital and providing increasing access to resources.

The main mission of the R&D Cell is to create a conducive environment for enhanced research productivity in the university and also encourage collaboration with external agencies, both national and international level. It also promotes and manages University-Industry interactions and all externally funded research and development projects as well as patents. The Cell acts as a liaison between the University and funding agency to undertake sponsored projects. The main function of the R&D Cell are:

i. Encourage faculty members to prepare research proposals, interdisciplinary research and published their research in reputed journals
ii. Share the information regarding project advertisement under different funding agencies.
iii. Provide information and guidance for getting Projects in various disciplines.
iv. Encourage faculties to apply for patents or other Intellectual Property Rights.
v. Process the Project proposals for approval.
vi. Facilitate MOUS/agreements to be signed between the University and sponsoring agencies.
vii. Communicate with funding agencies.
viii. Appoint Project Advisory Committees (if required)
ix. Liaise with the Administration Division for infrastructure to be provided Facilitate recruitment of project staff, consultants, administrative and technical staff.
x. Monitor progress of the project periodically.
xi. Suggest peer reviewed national and international journals for subscription in the central library.
xii. Conducting research conclave for the research scholars
xiii. Addressing issues pertaining to Research Scholars
xiv. Conducting interactive sessions with Research Scholars and apprising them with ethical practices.
The University has established a Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) for the use of all the faculty members and research scholars. The CIF is equipped with various instruments meant for research in addition to other instruments available at the various departments of Science, Engineering and Centre of Excellences.
CIF - Team Members
CIF- Instruments

University has signed MoUs with various institutes, R&D laboratories and organizations to have strong collaboration and support in the Research area of the university. The following are the institutes/organizations with whom the university has signed the MoU:

1. CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar,2023                         MOU
2. CCL, Ranchi                        MOU
3. NIT, Jamshedpur                                MOU
4. CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad                                MOU
5. HANKUK,University of Foreign Studie, Republic of Korea                         MOU
6.CUJ and BUFS 2023 Republic of Korea                        MOU
7.CUJ and BUFS 2023                        MOU
8.CUJ and IMD 2022                        MOU
9.CUJ and Keimyung University 2023                        MOU
10.CUJ and NIESBUD 2022                        MOU
11.CUJ and Sarla Birla University 2021                        MOU