UNIVERSITY GUEST HOUSE at Central University of Jharkhand


CUJ Guest House Manual

Univesity Guest House Payment related Information

  • University Guest House has the following  Guest rooms:-
  • Main Guest House: 06 Suites.
  • Guest House Annexe: 06 Single Bedroom
  • Lounge :- 01 Hall

All the rooms in the Guest House are air-conditioned. The rooms in the Guest House are equipped with basic amenities.

  • Ordinarily, guests will be allowed to stay for a maximum period of three days. However, under special circumstances (s), he/ she may be permitted to stay for a maximum period of seven days depending upon the availability of rooms and/ or the purpose and nature of his/her visit and subject to the approval of the competent authorities.
  • Students/ Research Scholars will not be accommodated in the Guest House.
  • Newly appointed teaching and non-teaching employee may be provided accommodation for a period of seven days. However, under special circumstances (s), he/ she may be permitted to extend the booking depending upon the availability of rooms and subject to the approval of the competent authorities.
  • Accommodation shall not be claimed as a matter of right.
  • Guest will not be allowed to keep additional persons in his/her/their rooms, without the prior approval of the Guest House-in-Charge.
  • Visiting hours to meet the guest staying in the Guest House shall be upto 09:00 PM only.
  • The Visitors have to fill in their particulars in the visitor register available at the Guest House Reception.
  • Booking is not permitted for guests undergoing medical treatment/ advice who are suffering from communicable diseases or are bedridden.   
  • Political functions are not permitted in the Guest House.
  • The foreign dignitaries/ guests are required to submit a copy of their passport/ valid Visa/ Identity Card for the booking.
  • The University administration reserves the right to cancel any booking or offer an alternate room due to administrative exigency at any time.
  • The Guest shall be responsible for the security/safekeeping of their personal belongings/ luggage.
  • A penalty may be imposed for any damage/ loss to the Guest House properties, due to the negligence of the Guest.
  • Suggestions/complaints, if any, may be lodged in the Suggestion Register available at the Guest House Reception.

Facilities in the Guest House
The Following facilities are provided in the rooms of the Guest House.

  • T.V.in suites
  • A.C. in all rooms.
  • Geyser.
  • Towel.
  • Slipper in all rooms.
  • Toiletries in all rooms.
  • News Papers in Common Hall.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Persons staying in the Guest House are not entitled to bring an unauthorized guest (s) to stay with them.
  • Male visitors/guests are not allowed in the rooms occupied by female guests and vice versa.
  • Alcoholic drinks & smoking in the guest house are strictly prohibited.
  • Cooking/washing is not allowed in the rooms.
  • Food/meals/breakfast etc. are served in the dining hall only.
  • Guests are requested to switch off the light, fans, and AC and lock their rooms when they go out.
  • Any damage or loss to the guest house will be subject to a fine which would be paid by the guest/requisitioner.


Category of Guest
The Guests are entitled to get accommodation in the Guest House, as per the following order of precedence:-

Category – A
(University Officials Guest)
  • All the members/ invitees of the Court, Executive Council, Finance Committee, Academic Council, BOS/ BOE
  • Selection Committee Members and other Statutory/Non-statutory Bodies, Examiners, Experts, Visiting Professors, Members of the audit team
  • Officers of MoE/ UGC/ NAAC and other guests visiting the University for official purposes.

Category – B
(Semi Officials Guest)

  • Participants/ officials of the Workshops/Seminars/ Conferences, Projects, etc. of the University.


Category – C
(University Employee’s Guest/ Former Employees)

  • Employees/ Former Employees of the University


  • Guests of employees of the University will be treated as personal guests.

Category – D
(Parents/Guardians of Students/ Scholar / Alumni)

  • Parents/Guardians of the Students/ Scholars/Alumni of the University

Category – E
(Any other Guest)

  • Any other guest not mentioned above.


The University Guests, Teaching & Non- Teaching employees of the University, and other guests are requested to observe the following guidelines for booking of Guest House:-

  • The request for booking of room at the Guest House must be submitted well in advance in the prescribed Guest Room Booking form to the Guest House In-charge.
  • Booking of Guest Rooms will be confirmed, only after approval from the competent authority.
  • The University employee shall route their booking request through the controlling officer.
  • A maximum of 02 Adults and 02 minors (below 06 years) are allowed in a double bedroom and only 01 Adult is allowed in a Single bedroom.
  • Booking of rooms for Conferences/Workshop etc. should be made 10 days in advance and booking will be confirmed 03 days prior to the date of the Conference/Workshop etc.
  • Official/ Semi-Official/ Personal get-togethers of University Teaching/ Non-teaching employees/ Family members and guests can be organized at the Guest House Lounge.The booking request should be submitted 07 days in advance through the controlling officer.
  • Rs. 3000/- will be imposed as a penalty in case of violation of the “stick no bill” guideline.
  • Request for Reservation of accommodation under different categories is given in the table below.


Category of Guest

Type of Room

Room Tariff

Approving Authority

Payment by

Category – A
(University Official Guest)


Rs.1000/- per day

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

The University

Category – B
(Semi-Official Guest)


Rs. 1000/- per day

Registrar on the recommendation by the Dean/ Director/ HOD /PI/ Co-ordinator / Chairman/ Convener of the program

The organizer of workshops, Seminars, Conferences, etc.

Category – C
(University Employee’s Guest         /


Single Room (Annex.)

Rs. 500/-  per day

Rs. 200/- per  day

Guest House In-charge on the recommendation of the controlling officer

By Guest/ Employee

Category – D
(Parents/ Guardians of Students/ Scholar/


Single Room (Annex.)

Rs. 500/-  per day

Rs. 200/-  per day

Guest House In-charge on the recommendation by DSW/ Warden(in case of Hosteller) or Head of the Department (in case of day scholar) (as applicable)

By Guest

Category – E
(Any other Guest)


Single Room (Annex.)

Rs.  700/- per day

Rs.  300/- per day

Guest House In-charge

By Guest

Day Boarding: 6:00 AM to  6:00 PM (subject to availability).


Single Room (Annex.)

Rs.  500/- per day

Rs.  200/- per day

Guest House In-charge

By Guest



Rs. 2000/- per function

Guest House In-charge


























    • All the dues (Room tariff & Food Charges, if any) must be cleared before checking out of the guest house.
    • Advance payment (50% of the total room tariff or 01-day room tariff, whichever is higher) is compulsory for all categories of guests except Category A for confirmation of booking.
    • Payment is accepted by cash/ online mode only.
    • The Vice-chancellor may declare anyone as a university guest.


    • The concerned person/ section/ department should inform the Guest house I/c preferably through e-mail/ writing as early as possible, about the cancellation of the bookings.
    • The cancellation charges will be as follow:-

    Cancellation Time

    Cancellation Fee

    03 days or prior to the check-in date

    100% refund

    02 days prior to the check-in date

    25% advance amount or a 01-day room tariff, whichever is less.

    01 day prior to the check-in date

    50% advance amount or a 01-day room tariff, whichever is less.

    Less than 01 day

    100% advance amount or 01-day room tariff, whichever is less.


    • Except for category A, all bookings shall be treated as confirmed bookings only if payment is made in advance. The University reserves the right to cancel the booking at any moment at the direction of the University.
    • For extra beds, Rs.200/- per person will be charged however a maximum of 03 persons shall be accommodated in a double bedroom.
    • The Lounge facilities will be available up to 10:00 PM only.


    • Check-in time:- 12:00 PM
    • Check-out time:- 10:00 AM